Kitchen Special

How much does health weigh?

Kitchen scales for proper nutrition and fitness

Weigh more weigh less

Our health is directly dependent on nutrition. Attentiveness to food allows you to live a happier and more successful life.
Heabsy scales are an indispensable tool for those who want to eat properly, stay slim and preserve their natural beauty.

We count on success

Find out exactly the weight of all the ingredients in your diet to correctly calculate calories.
Follow your health, control your weight and get energy from feeling good every day!

Slim achievements

Improving fitness results! Follow all dietary recommendations of the trainer exactly to the gram.

It is believed that the right diet – 50% of achieving goals in any sport. Train at maximum with Heabsy PP.

The Heabsy Scale is a stylish design combined with a high-quality case made of tactilely pleasing materials.
Scales are waterproof. For example, you can even weigh freshly washed fruits. Legs made of special rubber will allow you to securely fix the scales on the table.
Intuitive controls, a bright display and a weighing function with a container for convenient use.

Restaurant at home

Give your loved ones perfect dinners, cooked exactly according to the recipe, taking into account each ingredient.
Scales will help to avoid mistakes that are usually made “By eye”. Now you will know exactly what 175 grams of flour or 87 grams of cottage cheese look like.

Good taste

Heabsy Kitchen Special is a great gift for everyone who cares about their health and just loves to cook.
And this is an unusual toy for children who like to play with weights and weigh everything.

Weighted tool

Heabsy scales are an indispensable item in the kitchen, which is required almost every day.
This is an accessory of an attentive hostess, an expert in the preparation of tasty and healthy food.